Torque Wrenches

Torque Wrenches

What is a torque wrench ? A torque wrench is a type of wrench with a gauge attached to indicate the torque applied to the workpiece, to control and apply a specific torque to a fastener such as a bolt or a nut. How many types of torque wrenches are there? Torque wrenches are available in many...

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What is a torque wrench ?

A torque wrench is a type of wrench with a gauge attached to indicate the torque applied to the workpiece, to control and apply a specific torque to a fastener such as a bolt or a nut.

How many types of torque wrenches are there?

Torque wrenches are available in many types, and their main differences are how they read and how easily they can be adjusted. Here are some of the different types:

How many sizes of torque wrenches are there?

The most common sizes are the 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” and 1” square drive models. This refers to the size socket they accept, the larger the drive, the larger the torque wrench (for more leverage).

Why should we use a torque wrench? 

Each bolt has a maximum loadable tension, if it’s over-tightened, the bolt would break. If it’s too loose, the screw might fall off the unit while operating, and cause unnecessary risks to the products. Simply, a torque wrench is a tool that can help us install all bolts more precisely in place.

How do you need a torque wrench?

Screws, also known as bolts in the industrial sector, are products that we are familiar with. Whether it is in the industrial sector or in our daily life, screws have a wide range of applications.

From eyeglasses, furniture to even aerospace, the precise stretching of bolts, periodic re-examination and high-precision torsion all matter to the safety and service lift of a screw. Especially in some safety-related facilities, it is extremely critical whether a screw is properly installed. For example, the tension of the escalator bolts is crucial to the safety of escalators; High-speed rails, if the tensions of bolts are not set properly, it could lead to unthinkable consequence. So, how can a screw stay in place properly, complying with the standard? 

Most people think that installing screws is a simple task, but such simple task actually requires fine skills with proper tooling. A proper tool enables an installer to conduct more quality work. Torque wrench is a very handy tool to use. There are many types of torque wrenches, with different dimensions and specifications for different bolts. Each bolt has its corresponding tension requirement which is determined when that screw has been first designed. The bolt of a certain tension corresponds with its torque. Then, working with a torque wrench, the operator would need to set the torque wrench to a proper value in accordance with the required specification, then turn the torque wrench to the right position. Therefore, this particular bolt will stay in its position with the right tension and function properly.

Company Information

Shanghai UB Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional factory devoted to R&D, design, manufacture and global sales of torque wrenches, the "NovaTork" brand builder.

Founded in 2002, the factory is located in Shanghai Fengxian Qianqiao Industrial Park, covering an area of 40,000 square meters. After more than ten years of rapid development, our factory mastered the core technology of American torque wrenches and keeps developing and innovating, which is one of the few companies in the world that can provide a full range of torque wrenches. 

We have more than 30 series with thousands of specifications which have been sold to more than 40 countries and regions.

Company organization

Our NovaTork torque wrenches have been developed in close association with Mr. Jan S. Stasiek of the United States of America, who has over 40 years of proven and successful experience in the field of torque technology. Now we have mastered the core echnology of American torque wrenches and created a wealth of experience in R & D production and quality management. With a reasonable process layout, efficient production process and advanced production and testing equipment, we can ensure the high quality of each torque wrench.

We will be very involved in the development process of torque wrenches and will require suppliers sharing details on design, manufacturing, and calibration with us. Do you willing to do that?

We are willing to develop new torque wrenches with our customers. Welcome to email us your ideas and plans.

How much does a torque wrench cost?

There is a differential pricing list. The more orders, the more favorable the unit price of torque wrench is.

What is a good torque wrench to buy?

Please tell me your purchase demands including specifications, pictures, target price, purchase quantity of the torque wrench you need, and then we will recommend the most suitable torque wrench for you.

Do you have product development and process engineering on site with appropriate experience to manage the proposed sourcing, including torque wrench design, process design, tooling/testing and production fixture design and maintance.

Yes, we have more than 15 years of experience.

What is the payment term of torque wrenches?

There is additional handle charge $50 if order amount is less than $5,000. We agree T/T 50% prepayment and pay balance before release shipment if order amount is more than $10,000.

Does the production process can ensure the torque wrenches meeting specification? 

Yes. Control plan, working instruction, equipment setting and maintaince ensure the torque wrenches meeting specification

Is there adequate quality control for production process of torque wrenches? (inspection items/quantity/frequency)

Yes, hardness inspection on the heat treatment, patrol of mechining to ensure the quality control of each torque wrench.

Are Key/Critical Product/Process Characteristics identified as such on Control Plan and is there an appropriate reaction plan for each characteristic when you make torque wrenches?

Setting up the control point in critical process (heat treatment, lathing, grinding) 

Are gauges available and adequate in torque wrench production area?

Yes, sclerometer is in heat treament area, caliper and bevel protractor are in lathing & grinding area.

Are the capacity, accuracy, stability of torque wrench production equipment adequate?

Yes, we have a equipment list and maintain regularly.

Do you have quality department on site with appropriate experience and knowledge to ensure the quality for torque wrenches can be well controlled?

We have engineering quality department including incoming inspection, process inspection and finshed goods inspection.

Do you have an incoming inspection strategy, inspection criteria and results are documented? Reaction plans exist and are followed in cases where inspection results do not meet acceptance criteria?

Inspection on semifinished torque wrenches, handles, packaging materials.

Do you have an outgoing inspection strategy, inspection criteria and results are documented? Reaction plans exist and are followed in cases where inspection results do not meet acceptance criteria. 

QC inspectes the outgoing goods before each shipment of torque wrenches.

Do you have a process for change management control, including design and process changes in both development and production of torque wrenches?

Product change and new development of torque wrenches are in the charge of engineering department,the changing notice will be released to producing department after receiving the customer's confirmation.

HSF Components/materials/torque wrenches which are in warehouse/production line are segregated and identified from non-HSF Components /materials /products

Chemical prouducts used: Oil in manufacturing process, antirust liquid, washing solution. Stored at the specific area.

Can you provide hazardous substance test report for critical/high risk component/material.  Do you have internal RoHS test ability? 

We have test reports. Every new product of torque wrench is delivered to SGS for test(can offer the test reports released by SGS)

Can the store ensure the torque wrenches be well identified, and good operation on FIFO?

There're Await Check Section, qualified products area, non-qualified area, finished goods area and having management regulations.

How do you test a torque wrench?

We have different torque wrench testers used by ourselves, and for sale.

How do you repair and maintain a torque wrench?

We've been torque wrench supplier for nearly 20 years, and we're the exemption supplier for the past 15 years. Our engineers are almost familiar with the repair and maintenance of torque wrenches of all brands.

How do you provide spare parts for torque wrenches?

We can provide exploded drawings for each torque wrench and the customers can find the part number of the spare parts they need.

Do you currently make torque wrenches to comply with either standard? 

Yes, complies with U.S. standard ASME B107.300 and International standard ISO 6789.

Is there a system to manage new product develop of torque wrench, and ensure the production product is same as samples. 

Yes, engineering department and sales department develop the new product, mass prodution goes after test and confirmation from the customer.Engineer offers the specification,working instruction and initial sample to producing department for mass production.

Are out-going inspection specifications, product specifications and  practical operations alignment and adequate?

Yes, we provide the product specific,inspection specific and record for each torque wrench.

Should you double click a torque wrench?

Mr Yang, Torque Specialist at NovaTork says that one click is enough. Once the torque wrench clicks at the correct torque, do not bother to continue to release to reset the wrench and retension as it will not achieve a ‘better’ torque than the correct one.

Can a torque wrench loosen bolts?

Yes, only if the torque wrench is designed to be used in reverse torque applications. 

Should you push or pull a torque wrench?

Always pull, which gives you more control and makes it less likely that the wrench will accidentally fly out of your hand while you are turning the bolt.

What happens if you do not use a torque wrench?

A torque wrench definitely recommended for work where precise tightening is required. If you’re tightening lug nuts on a car wheel without a torque wrench, making the nuts too loose or too tight could cause serious damage.


Do you need a torque wrench for oil change?

You may need a torque wrench to properly install the plug and filter if you are new to changing your oil. It's easy to over-tighten a bolt and strip the threads without a torque wrench.

How tight should car wheel nuts be with a torque wrench?

Read the owner’s manual and find the correct torque setting,and then set your torque wrench to the manufacturer specifications and tighten the wheel lugs until the torque wrench clicks.

Do you need a torque wrench to change spark plugs?

Yes, spark plugs need to be tight enough to get a good seal with the washer, but not so tight that you mangle the threads.

Is a 1 square drive torque wrench work for tightening the thread size of M90X 2.6?

The size of torque wrench refers to the size of the socket at the end. This is totally independent from the threading on the nut or bolt that you're screwing in.

Do you really need a torque wrench for wheels?

The torque wrench is indispensable both for changing the wheel and for retightening the nuts. 

What can I use if I don't have a torque wrench?

Too tight is just as bad as not tight enough, just buy a torque wrench.

Why does my torque wrench not click?

There are many possibilities, such as it’s not clicking because you aren’t turning hard enough, it’s clicking and you aren’t noticing it, it’s broken, etc.


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