Is Torque Wrench Necessary?

- Jan 17, 2020-

Screws, also known as bolts in the industrial sector, are products that we are familiar with. Whether it is in the industrial sector or in our daily life, screws have a wide range of applications.

From eyeglasses, furniture to even aerospace, the precise stretching of bolts, periodic re-examination and high-precision torsion all matter to the safety and service lift of a screw. Especially in some safety-related facilities, it is extremely critical whether a screw is properly installed. For example, the tension of the escalator bolts is crucial to the safety of escalators; High-speed rails, if the tensions of bolts are not set properly,

It could lead to unthinkable consequence. So, how can a screw stay in place properly, complying with the standard?

Most people think that installing screws is a simple task, but such simple task actually requires fine skills with proper tooling. A proper tool enables an installer to conduct more quality work. Torque wrench is a very handy tool to use. There are many types of torque wrenches, with different dimensions and specifications for different bolts. Each bolt has its corresponding tension requirement which is determined when that screw has been first designed. The bolt of a certain tension corresponds with its torque. Then, working with a torque wrench, the operator would need to set the torque wrench to a proper value in accordance with the required specification, then turn the torque wrench to the right position. Therefore, this particular bolt will stay in its position with the right tension and function properly.