How To Use The Webbing Strap Of NovaTork Torque Wrench?

- Jan 17, 2020-

1.The webbing strap is used for the torque wrench when the Max. torque is more than or equal to 1500 N.m or 1000 lb.ft without an extension bar.

2.The webbing strap needs to be used by two persons.

3.The webbing strap’s broken strength is 300 kg, please pay attention on this while using it so as to avoid suddenness.

4.Please put the strap on the tube. Do not put it on the plastic part to avoid the damage to the torque wrench.

5.Please check the strap before using it. If the strap be damaged, please do not use it.


While the torque is overloaded or the screw, socket and torque wrench had defective, it will cause the strap be broken, and let you be fallen down or damaged. Please be sure that you stand stably and be balance. You can use suitable safety facility to protect you from damaging.